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TTIP Book Launch Event
Marbella, Spain, 17th January 2019

Great book launch event yesterday for my new book ‘Transforming Technology into Profit – a guide to leading new ideas through the complexities of the corporate world and transforming them into successful new products’. Where better than the beautiful surroundings of Marbella, Spain. Many thanks to Dr Beata Froehlich, the Dean of the Marbella International University Centre (MIUC) for inviting me to present to their students.

I'm really proud of my book, which lays the foundation for TTIP Consulting’s approach and is now available on Amazon. People often ask me what prompted me to write this book. The answer is that after 30 years of working in industry I have inevitably done a lot of different things, worked with a lot of different people, worked in many different locations and in many different industrial sectors, and I felt it was time to stop and take stock of what I had learnt along the way, to put it all into some kind of order so that I could get my head around it all. I knew there was some really valuable stuff in there that could form the basis for a new approach to helping businesses develop and deliver New Products more successfully, but I first needed to build a solid foundation to it all. Writing the book was a great way to do this. It forced me to sit down and review all my successes, all my failures, what techniques and approaches had worked well, and what had missed the mark. Having more strategic roles in the most recent years of my career really helped give me the opportunity to think through quite deeply about the nature of how industrial businesses run and how and why trying to grow through new products is a real struggle for many businesses.

I guess when you’ve been doing something for so long it becomes second nature, and the first draft of the book only took me about 2 months to write 60,000 words. It took a further 4 months to review, refine, get feedback from friends and colleagues, and get the support of an editor. But eventually it was polished to the point of being ready for publication at the end of last year.

I’m really pleased with what I produced. It has been instrumental in developing the concept of TTIP Consulting and was definitely the launch point for the business. The book also serves as a great way for our clients to better understand where we are coming from and what we can do for them, so it’s become a great ongoing tool in the way TTIP Consulting interacts with its customers.

I hope you find it a valuable and enjoyable read.

Dr Andy Wynn

Managing Director, TTIP Consulting

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