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By Innovators, for Innovators
''Innovate for Growth'' Personal Development and Career Training

Wherever you are in your career, our unique personal development program for business and innovation professionals will ensure you gain the skills to get to the next level. Whether you choose a personal growth plan or to join us on our next group workshop, our team of highly successful business leaders have all the know how and real world business experience to teach you what it really takes to build a successful career in industry.

What Is It?
  • An online personal development and mentoring program to provide you with the knowledge to build a successful career in business and innovation.

  • Taught by TTIP's team of highly accomplished innovators, all with over 30 years' career experience.

  • Our team are all successful business leaders and entrepreneurs who have delivered $billions of value, and our programs are built on all those things we wish we had known, been told or thought about early in our own careers. So join us and let us save you the time, money and aggravation of learning the hard way and sending your career down the wrong track, costing you lost years and earnings.

  • Joining us will accelerate your growth and development as an innovation leader, making you much more effective, preparing you for much bigger roles with greater impact, and expanding your personal brand as an exceptionally effective leader with enormous potential.

"This leadership development program in innovation is unique", Maurits van Tol, Chief Technology Officer, Johnson Matthey

Who Is It For?
  • Suitable for senior executives, directors, functional leadership roles, heads of department, junior and up and coming managers, and early career starters in innovation, technology and business development roles.

  • We have three levels of program depending on the stage you are at in your career;

    • Early Career – 1st roles and supervisors, typically with 0-5 years experience

    • Mid Career – junior to middle managers, typically with 5 -15 years experience

    • Senior Executives – senior management and director roles, typically with 15+ years experience

What We Will Do ​

Each program addresses key focus areas and starts with you or your team identifying those learning needs most relevant to your career stage, from the list of topics below;

  • The topics that we select together will be used to construct a bespoke career development program that will address your unique learning needs, and as such is ideal to support the achievement of your Personal Development Plan, a central part of every company performance appraisal scheme.

  • Learning begins through a 3-4 hour online workshop built around you and your fellow participants’ chosen topics, where we will guide you through the skills and techniques essential to standing out from your peers and to take your career to the next level. The number of topics you select from the list above will determine how many workshops are required.

  • You will begin your journey by analysing your "brand", identifying opportunities and gaps, assessing impact and setting career goals. Your assigned trainer will lead you through the topics you selected, supporting and challenging your perceptions to help you develop as a rounded leader.

  • You will keep a Learning Journal to summarise actions you have taken to apply the learning regularly review the effectiveness of those actions, by yourself and your line manager. Inevitably you will demonstrate a spectrum of strengths and weaknesses in all these different skills. Our aim is to help you flourish by first helping you identify and harness your strengths but also shoring up weaknesses that may become derailers in your career.

  • To maximise the value of the workshop teaching and to ensure you put into practice the skills and techniques back in your workplace, we recommend you follow up with our personal coaching/mentoring program. Each program consists of a series of regular 1 hour online mentoring/coaching sessions with a senior TTIP team member, spread across 6 or 12 months.

  • Additionally, psychometric testing really adds to a development process and is a great way to help you build awareness and skills. Members of the TTIP team are certified in the Hogan Leadership Inventory and EQi MHS Assessments.

Why Should You Join?
  • You will gain a clear understanding of the skills you should be prioritizing if you want to stand out to your boss and within your business.

  • You will learn about your own key leadership strengths and highlight those behaviors you need to improve on in order to maximise your impact in your business.

  • As a result of your career development program with TTIP you will rapidly accelerate your ability to contribute to your business's growth through innovation with an enhanced ability to work ever more productively with others, motivating and inspiring them through the essential "human" skills of leadership and collaboration; for example, by creating informal cross functional partnerships, winning commitment, resolving conflict and managing relationships.

  • You will also enrich your professional and “hard” skills such as project and portfolio selection,  budgeting and planning and keeping projects on track, more effective execution and delivering bigger financial impact, and how to better think strategically about projects, the competitive landscape, entry into adjacencies, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

  • If you attend one of our group workshops, you will gain international networking opportunities as part of a mixed group of peers. 

  • After each workshop or personal development plan, additional online coaching support by a senior TTIP consultant is available to ensure your action planning continues to be implemented in your work environment and that delivers a positive impact on your career. 

Further Details

Prices available on application. For details of costs for your bespoke program of learning please contact your TTIP representative, or Andy Wynn on +44(0)7387109774 or andy.wynn@ttipglobal.comDiscounts of up to 15% are available for group bookings.

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