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Join Our Online Innovation for Business Leaders Open Workshop
''Innovate for Growth'' Individuals

In this unique workshop you will learn how innovation really works in business and how to make it work for your business. Mix and match any of the modules or join us for the complete workshop and learn how to identify and solve the problems holding back growth within your organisation, how to build a common strategy for growth for your business and to create an implementation plan that will deliver real impact.

What Is It?
  • A 5 module online workshop for senior business and functional leaders to learn a proven methodology that unlocks the true potential of their business to grow through innovation.

  • Taught by TTIP's team of highly accomplished innovators, all successful business leaders and entrepreneurs

  • A highly participative program built around TTIP’s unique proven approach captured in the ‘Innovation for Business Leaders’ book series.

Who Is It For?

Suitable for senior executives, directors, functional leadership roles, heads of department, junior and up and coming managers in small, medium and large companies in any business sector where the company is looking to grow to the next level. In these online modules you will be working in a mixed group of business leaders from different companies. 

Book Your Seat on the Next Module
  • Working within an online platform, we will lead you through 5 modules, each highly participative with individual and group exercises to practice the tools and techniques taught.

    • Module 1) Introduction to Innovation in Business – including basic principles, barriers to innovation, links to business strategy, the key factors                      to success          

    • Module 2) Innovation Processes – including how to generate, review and select ideas, roadmapping, managing projects and portfolios, how                        to commercialize new products. By attending this module you will also receive a set of business process templates in Excel format.   

    • Module 3) Innovation Organizations – including the structural barriers to success, the importance of cross-functional interfaces, how policies                         influence behavior

    • Module 4) Innovation Culture – including the leader’s role, building and motivating innovative teams, building an innovation culture

    • Module 5) Summary and Action Planning – including bringing it all together, your innovation maturity journey, innovation auditing,                                        building an implementation plan (only available to participants of earlier modules)

  • Each module lasts 5-6 hours and starts at 7am West Coast US, 10am East Coast US, 3pm UK, 4pm Central European Time 

  • Book your seat at any of the first 4 training modules​ via Credit/Debit Card using the pay buttons below. Each module costs £500 per seat, or book all 5 modules for £2000. On booking you will receive a calendar invitation and link to join the online workshop. For larger groups we recommend booking our ''Innovate for Growth'' Team Training Workshop.

Why Should You Join?
  • You will gain a clear understanding of how innovation works in business, and how to make it work in your business.

  • You will identify the key growth challenges holding back your organization and leave each module with an action plan on how to overcome them.

  • You will gain international networking opportunities by taking part in a mixed group of senior business leaders during each module. 

  • After each module, additional online coaching support by a senior TTIP consultant is available at £200 per hour to ensure your action plan is implemented in your work environment and delivers a positive impact on your business. 

What Our Participants Say
  • Our online events have received a 98% approval rating, and this is what some of the participants have said;
          o    "A strong training ground for business leaders"
          o    "A fresh idea and platform that opened my eyes"
          o    "The TTIP team are excellent facilitators, helping everyone feel at ease, involved and keeping the workshop moving along"
          o    "I really enjoyed this, thank you to TTIP!"
          o    "Excellent session. I’m looking forward to future sessions"

Further Details

For more information about the workshop modules, and for discount pricing for groups, please contact your TTIP representative, or Andy Wynn on +44(0)7387109774 or


Introduction to Innovation

Next Event - Thurs 6th May  


Innovation Processes

Next Event - Weds 9th June  


Innovation Organizations

Next Event - Thurs 15th July  


Innovation Culture

Next Event - Thurs 12th August  


Implementation Planning

Next Event - Thurs 9th Sept  


Full Innovation Workshop

See Modules 1-5 for dates  

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