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TTIP's new book published today
2nd November 2020

Our Group CEO, Andy Wynn's latest book, 'Cracking the Innovation Code - How to unlock the true potential of your business to grow through new products' is officially published today and is available direct from the publisher Routledge, with a 20% discount using code SSB20, and from all good book stores.

Andy said about his new book, 'Cracking the Innovation Code is not just another book about innovation, it’s a playbook for business leaders, a guide about how to manage your business to unlock the innovation capabilities hidden within your organisation to add new revenue streams and deliver profitable, sustainable growth. Full of the practical, real world truths that only come from 30 years of leading business and technology in companies all over the world. 

A huge thank you to all my amazing contributors, including Alexa Dembek (CTO at DuPont), Maurits van Tol (CTO at Johnson Matthey), Phil Clark (Global Technical Director at 3M), Chris Parr (VP Technology at Imerys), to the team at my publishers Routledge for guiding me through the publication process so expertly, and to the many colleagues and friends who have supported me during the writing. It’s been a real privilege to work with business leaders of some of the biggest companies on the planet to make this book a reality.'

Now available either direct from the publisher Routledge, with a 20% discount using code SSB20, or from all good online and physical book stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, and many others. 

See what industry leaders are saying;

‘‘Part memoir and lessons learned, part ‘how to’ guide. ‘Cracking the Innovation Code’ provides a framework to identifying and resolving the ‘internal factors’ holding your organization back from realizing maximum revenue growth from R&D investments. It will be the first book I hand to new leaders.’’ Philip Clark, Global Technical Director, Automotive and Aerospace Division, 3M

‘‘Most books in this space only focus on the theories behind innovation. This book states clearly what the challenges are and how to overcome them.’’ Maurits van Tol, Chief Technology Officer, Johnson Matthey

‘‘The author’s latest book is once again a pragmatic reinforcement that successful businesses not only foster a culture of innovation, but also have strong processes and checks in place to ensure successful new product development and deployment. A great read.’’ Dominic Greensmith, President of Advanced Technology Group, DPS Engineering

“There are so many books on innovation out there it’s confusing where to start, ‘Cracking the Innovation Code’ sweeps all that aside and tells you like it is, no fancy jargon, no ‘get rich quick’ schemes, just practical business truths. Refreshing to see some honesty in this genre for a change.’’ Robert Park, Managing Director, TPPS Investment Casting

Watch an extract from Andy's interview with Maurits van Tol, CTO of Johnson Matthey, for the book on YouTube






Watch an extract from Andy's interview with Phil Clark, Global Technical Director at 3M for the book on YouTube


About the Book;

Author Dr Andy Wynn, along with contributions from leaders of some of the biggest companies on the planet (including DuPont, 3M, Johnson Matthey and Imerys), finally reveals the secret of how you can unlock the potential in your business to grow. In the follow up to his book ‘Transforming Technology into Profit’, Andy takes you on a journey that explains how the organisation and culture within your business impact your company’s ability to innovate. Using his ‘Three Tiers of Successful Innovation’, Andy reveals how to clearly identify what aspects of your business are holding back growth and how to use that information to transform your business into one that facilitates growth by revitalising the structure and culture of your business to focus employee behaviours on adding profitable new revenue streams.

Part sequel and part companion volume to his previous book, 'Transforming Technology into Profit', Andy finally ‘Cracks the Code’ on how to unleash your business’ ability to create and successfully commercialise new products. Written in the author’s trademark conversational style, ‘Cracking the Innovation Code’, offers a refreshingly practical and real-world view, written by someone who has been there and done it, and enhanced by valuable case studies and contributions from numerous senior executives who have made life-long careers out of leading innovation, and with a passion for leading industrial manufacturing businesses.











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