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Cracking the Innovation Code

A huge thank you to the many amazing contributors who made my new book, ‘Cracking the Innovation Code’ a reality. Special thanks to Alexa Dembek (CTSO DuPont), Maurits van Tol (CTO Johnson Matthey), Philip Clark (Global Technical Director 3M), Chris Parr (VP Technology Imerys), for your ongoing contributions to my work and to your continuing support for our TTIP Consulting innovation networking community ( I look forward to working more closely with you all in 2021.

‘Cracking the Innovation Code’ is not another book about innovation, it’s a playbook for business leaders, a guide to managing your business to unlock the innovation capabilities hidden within your organization to add new revenue streams and deliver profitable, sustainable growth. Full of the practical, real world truths that only come from 30 years of leading business and technology in companies all over the world. Order with 20% discount using code SSM20 on the Routledge website;

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