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Launch of 'TTIP Experts'

The directors of TTIP Global are excited to launch 'TTIP Experts', the largest community of independent expert consultants in the Advanced Materials industry in the world.

Register for free at

We already have the best global network in the industry, which allows us to bring the right talent to our consultancy teams when solving the growth challenges that our clients bring to us. But we want to grow this further and add even more industry expertise and further strengthen our global reach, so that we always have the right talent available in the right place at the right time.

Register as a TTIP Expert - Make your knowledge work for you

Do you have expert knowledge of the Advanced Materials industry? Maybe you already work as a consultant in Ceramics, Metals, Composites, Carbon, Refractories or Plastics, maybe you’re retired, between jobs, looking for extra work or looking to step out of corporate life for a while, either way, why not register for free as a TTIP Expert and put your knowledge to good use working as an expert in one of our consulting project teams. Just go to and complete the registration form.

What is a TTIP Expert?

  • TTIP Global works with some of the biggest and most exciting emerging Advanced Materials companies on the planet on specialist consulting projects covering a diverse range of business disciplines, from identifying new market opportunities, supporting international business development, finding acquisition targets, to designing new factories and supporting R&D projects.

  • Every project is unique and requires highly specialised expertise, and that’s where you come in – whether your expertise is in market knowledge, technology, applications, operations, strategy or business management, we want to hear from you.

  • At TTIP we are building the largest community of independent expert consultants in Advanced Materials in the world.

  • If you register as a TTIP Expert, you will be eligible to be selected to work as part of a TTIP team solving some of our clients' biggest and most exciting growth challenges.

Register for free at

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