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Reverse Engineering the Future
31st July 2020

Andy Wynn hosted an expert session on Technology Roadmapping techniques at the Innov8rs Unconference this month,  teaching an international group of innovation professionals the limitations of traditional Roadmapping techniques and how TTIP's new Market-led Technology Roadmap (MRT) technique helps a business to truly align it's innovation and R&D project portfolio with the future needs of a market.  

There are many types of Technology Roadmap in use, but most simply summarise where current innovation programs are heading, rather than truly trying to interpret the future. For this reason, Andy has been developing his MTR (Market-led Technology Roadmap) technique over the last 10 years, and has refined the process across hundreds of workshops, helping a diverse range of industrial companies all over the world to more closely align their innovation programs with the future demands of their markets. In this session, Andy explained how to run an MTR workshop, and facilitated a group discussion on the subject, leaving participants with the capability to better assess whether their business is truly working on the right things to position itself for future growth.


Title; Reverse Engineering the Future: How to Ensure your Innovation Portfolio is Truly Aligned With Market Needs

Trending Topic Talk with Andy Wynn

Watch an introductory video from Andy's session;

'I was really pleased with the level of participation and engagement during the session, and pleasently surprised by just how many innovation professionals from all over the world attended. We received a number of enquiries following the event from interested companies from a variety of different sectors wanting to explore our MTR technique further to help them better align their innovation and technology strategies.'


                                                                                                                                                                    Dr Andy Wynn, Managing Director TTIP, 7th Aug 2020 












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