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TTIP Launches Online Innovation Events in the US
12th August 2020

Building on our successful series of Asia focused events, we recently extended our programme into North America, with the launch of a series of US time zone friendly events. Our inaugural event proved to be the best yet, and attracted an impressive list of senior leaders from many Fortune 100 and other leading multinational companies, coming together to tackle the challenges that all businesses face in unlocking their ability to grow through innovation

Hosted by TTIP's Andy Wynn, Cliff Spiro, Jim Hick and Paul Maguire, our event brought together an international mix of business leaders, representing a broad range of industry sectors. We were privileged to be joined by a group of CTOs, VPs and other senior business leaders from many industry leading global companies, including DuPont, Coca Cola, 3M, Cargill, Hexcel, Johnson Matthey, Kolon, Halliburton, Danaher, Novelis, Nalco and many more, each delegate bringing their own unique perspective on the importance and challenge of innovation as a growth driver for business, and all contributing strongly to the energetic debate that delivered a practical set of outputs for participants to take back to their workplaces. Our aim in these events is to begin to develop a fresh new approach to helping businesses grow by unlocking their potential for innovation, and thanks to the input of participants from all over the world, we are starting to see a new direction emerge.  


As always, we kept the event to a maximum of 30 people in order to keep it highly interactive. The longest presentation was Andy's opening speech, which you can see in its ten minute entirety on our YouTube channel at


This is what our participants said after the event;

  • "An impressive group of attendees, challenging topics and lively discussions. Well done!"
  • "I really enjoyed this, thank you to TTIP!"

  • "Interesting learnings, especially the interface perspective across academia and industry"

  • "Thanks TTIP for a great event"

  • "Excellent session, thank you for the invitation. I’m looking forward to future sessions"


''With the extension of our TTIP events into the US, this forum is gaining momentum and building a strong global community of business leaders focused on finding a new way forward to unlock the power of innovation to fuel business growth. Our next US event is on 23rd September 2020. If you would like to join in the debate, please contact me at'' Andy Wynn, Managing Director, TTIP

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