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Successful innovation comes from bringing together talented people with a positive mindset of collaboration, working effectively together to create something new. But anyone that works within a large complex business knows that this is never easy, as there are many frustrating barriers to success. Our TTIP Talent team are all ex-senior corporate executives and have successfully created and commercialized $ billions of new products and technology in markets all over the world, so they know how to navigate the complexities of corporate life, and they now work together to bring this essential knowledge to you and your organization through 5 channels;

Training Programs

Unique Training Programs that upskill your teams and create a growth culture of collaboration.

Our teams teach the skills of practical innovation that help innovation, technology and business leaders break down organizational barriers to create an innovation culture that drives business growth through our unique online and in-person Collaboration and Team Development Training Programs.

Co-created with some of the most successful industry leaders on the planet.

TTIP Global Workshops

"I shared your program with our HR team and they agreed with my assessment, we will continue to funnel our leaders into your program. I think your program is excellent." 

Bob Medsker, R&D Director, CMC Materials

Want your innovation teams to work more effectively together to grow your business?

Coaching Programs that support senior and up and coming leaders through the challenges of growing a business.

Coaching Programs

Most people know they can be more effective and fulfilled in relation to their work and personal lives but struggle to put in motion a train of actions that are needed to make the desired change. This is where TTIP's coaching can make the difference.

''TTIP's coaching is like professional therapy, a place to vent about problems and get new ideas on how to solve them. It has been helpful both professionally and personally.'' 

James Trevey, CTO, Forge Nano

James Trevey

Networking Forum

Our 'Innovate for Success' Networking Forum - enabling career growth and collaborative partnerships.

Now in it's 3rd year, our unique online 'Innovate for Success' forum is a monthly program of learning and networking sessions built around the theme of innovation as a driver for business growth and a strong platform for career development. All highly participative events, bringing together mid and senior business leaders from all over the world and from a diverse range of industry sectors.

Maurits van Tol

"TTIP's 'Innovate for Success' Forum is unique, a fantastic environment to learn together on the tough journey of innovation leadership"​ 

Maurits van Tol, CTO, Johnson Matthey

Finding the right talent for your senior roles

TTIP's deep connections with senior professionals around the world helps us quickly source the right people with the skills, experience and alignment from the most important personality and values perspective, to grow your business.




 Leading the thought leaders

We have been leading the field of practical innovation for years and captured much of our experience with 7 books published between us. Our publications help industry professionals achieve personal and career development and are endorsed by senior leaders from many of the world’s leading industrial corporations.

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