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Learn how to Drive Business Growth
''Innovation for Business Leaders'' Book Series

The TTIP approach is built upon the books of Group CEO and Founder, Prof Andy Wynn, who distilled his 30 year career leading technology, innovation and business management at companies all over the world into a series of publications, from which you can learn more about our unique, practical approach.


''Transforming Technology into Profit'' is about how to set up a practical end to end INNOVATION PROCESS in your business, from idea generation through to commercialisation, and is available from Amazon. 



''Cracking the Innovation Code'' is about how to transform your business into an INNOVATION ORGANISATION, published Nov 2020, and is available now from Routledge.  


'Building an Innovation Powerhouse' is about how to develop your employees into a culture of INNOVATIVE PEOPLE, published Dec 2022, and now available from Routledge.

''Careers for Innovators'' Book Series;

TTIP's North America lead, Cliff Spiro, is also a prolific author and has used his 40 years' experience as an inventor, research director, business leader and entrepreneur to publish a series of practical guides to help R&D and technical leaders become better managers. Cliff's many decades working in multinationals has given him a unique insight into the role of the technical leader, and his books offer real world advice on how best to navigate the politics of large corporations and prioritise the many challenges that technical leaders face, to set themselves up for success. 


''R&D is War and I've Got the Scars to Prove It'' consists of 25 vignettes, actual R&D war stories from Cliff Spiro's 40 year career, developing and leading new products to the marketplace. The emphasis is not on the technology, but rather on the human and business side of R&D, offering valuable lessons along the way. Available from Amazon.

''From Bench to Boardroom'' provides a prescriptive, in-the-trenches assessment of how to lead innovation more effectively. This must-read guide offers a practical and engaging introduction to the ins and outs of R&D leadership. and is available from Springer.


''Up Yours: What to Do with an Engineering, Research, and Innovation Career'' guides you through your career stages from start to finish, including interviewing, getting promoted, leading leaders, and many more. Especially valuable for people just starting their technology careers, for people whose careers are stalled or for people contemplating a move. Available from Amazon.

Doing Business in Asia;

In addition to the 'Innovation for Business Leaders' Book Series, Andy Wynn has also written about his many years of living and working in Asia, in his book 'The Biggest City You've Never Heard Of'. Many of the TTIP team have a strong connection with Asia, having lived and worked there for many years, strengthened further recently with the opening of our office in Singapore. Andy wrote the book to help demystify the challenge and reduce the anxiety that many Western business people and their families experience on their first trips to China and the wider Asian region. Andy is often invited to speak at many industry and corporate events about 'Doing Business in China', and the book is a great source of reference to many businesses to support cultural awareness training for international travellers and soon to be expats. You can read about the book launch week in our news section here.

''The Biggest City You've Never Heard Of'' is about the challenges and opportunities for a Westerner, living and doing business in China and the broader Asian region, and is available from Amazon

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