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Coaching & Mentoring for Career and Personal Growth 
Get your life and career back on track with online coaching

Have you ever wondered "I could be better than I am. I sort of know that I need to take action to change my life but I'm either not sure exactly what to do or lack the will to put it into action"? If you have, you're in good company! Most people know they can be more effective and fulfilled in relation to their work and personal lives but struggle to put in motion a train of actions that are needed to make the desired change. This is where coaching can make the difference.

In this busy world, the demands from both home and work often mean that we feel overworked, stressed and as a result we and those around us suffer. We all need outside help, and coaching is a recognised approach to help us to get back on track.


Or it may simply be that you need some guidance and support on any part of your work, for example:

  • To manage your work better 

  • To handle relationships and conflicts 

  • To sharpen your management or leadership skills 

  • To manage your innovation pipeline  

  • To present more fluently

If it's a specific challenge or set of challenges you need support on, this is where coaching can help. If you're looking for ongoing, continuous support on work or career, then you would benefit from a mentor.  Whether it's a work issue or personal (usually they're inextricably connected!) one of our world class coaches will spend time virtually with you to help clarify what aspect of your work/life you want to improve, and take you through a learning experience that is part challenge through questioning, and part support and encouragement, giving you a focus on clear and achievable goals. Our global TTIP team have all enjoyed successful and long careers in industry and have the knowledge, wisdom and real world practical experience to guide you through any challenge you are struggling with.

The results can be dramatic. Try a free 30 mins session to get a taste of what it can do for you. Call Jim Hick, our Director of Leadership Development on +44 7375 958490 or Email at

Format: Usually 1 X 1 hour session per month, for up to 12 months.

"TTIP's coaching is like professional technical therapy, a place to vent about problems and get new ideas on how to solve them. It has been helpful both professionally and personally. It is not often you get someone ‘educated’ and unbiased who can work with you on professional matters.", James Trevey, Chief Technology Officer, Forge Nano

Pricing and Payment

  • A range of Coaching Packages are available at £250 for 1 hour, £700 for 3x1 hours, £1300 for 6x1 hour sessions or £2500 for 12x1 hour sessions, and can be purchased by Credit/Debit Card by clicking on the buttons below or via bank transfer (contact us for details). Once purchased, your coach will contact you to agree the best time for your calls.

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