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Orbis Business School is a force for positive change in which transformational leaders create a ripple effect starting with themselves, extending to their team, their organisation and the community as a whole. We do this by providing leaders the guidance, learning tools and inspiration they need to achieve bigger outcomes. Our high-quality training and coaching programmes are certified by professional bodies in the United Kingdom with worldwide recognition.


Dennis Akkerman MBA, Managing Director of Orbis Business School commented, “We are excited to work together with TTIP Global who share the same values and are a great partner for driving sustainable transformation. TTIP Global has a strong brand presence and client base in the West, with good links to Asia, whereas we have a strong brand presence and client base in Asia with good links to the West.”

Andy Wynn, CEO of TTIP Global said, “We are delighted with our collaboration with Orbis Business School. We both have a strong focus on the interface between innovation and people and business success. Our unrivalled foundation in science, technology and engineering companies, makes us well positioned to enable innovative companies to scale and grow.” 

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