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My career long passion has been ‘Transforming Technology into Profit’, creating new technologies and building profitable new businesses from them', Prof Andy Wynn PhD, Founder, TTIP Global.


'What I see in the business landscape today is that whilst the vast majority of business leaders understand that innovation is critical to growth, studies show that they are completely dissatisfied with how well their innovation programs are delivering, with many openly admitting that they have no clue how to improve them. Yet all the tools and know-how have been out there for a long time. The reason for the disconnect, that I have observed over many years in industry, is that there is a widespread lack of ability in businesses to apply the principles of innovation in real life situations with real people. And this is still going on today, with many business leaders admitting to me that whilst their company is good at inventing new technologies, they are not good at commercializing them. And that is why I set up TTIP, to bring a practical, people-oriented approach to commercializing new technologies that delivers business growth. I know our approach works because the products that I and my teams developed for companies have sold billions of dollars around the world.'

You can learn more about our unique, practical approach in my ''Innovation for Business Leaders'' book series. These are not just more books about innovation, they form a playbook for business leaders, a guide about how to manage your business to unlock the innovation capabilities hidden within your organisation to add new revenue streams and deliver profitable, sustainable growth. Full of the practical, real world truths that only come from 30 years of leading business and technology in companies all over the world.

Book 1 ''Transforming Technology into Profit'' is about how to set up a practical end to end INNOVATION PROCESS in your business, from idea generation through to commercialisation, and is available from Amazon. 

Book 2 ''Cracking the Innovation Code'' is about how to transform your business into an INNOVATION  ORGANISATION, and is available from Routledge, Amazon and all good book stores.

Book 3 ''Building an Innovation Powerhouse'' is about how to develop your employees into a culture of INNOVATIVE PEOPLE and is available from Routledge and all good book stores.

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