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At TTIP Global, we are on a mission to help science, technology and engineering businesses all over the world grow by unlocking their true potential for innovation. 
Our core team are all highly accomplished innovators, having led businesses and large technical and operations functions for multinational corporations, and all with a minimum 30 years in their fields. Together, the team have delivered $ billions of value to companies in new product sales, cost savings, business reorganisations and sales growth, and have successfully led small, medium and large companies up to $ 500m of global sales. 
We have a truly global reach, with boots on the ground in 13 out of the top 15 global economies, distributed throughout Europe, North and South America and right across Asia and Australasia, supported by a large global network of specialist consultants and formal strategic partners.


Prof Andy Wynn PhD
Group CEO & Founder
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Andy is a former CTO at a $b multinational with over 30 years' experience leading the profitable growth of emerging technologies. He has commercialized $100m's of new products  and has worked with some of the biggest industrial companies on the planet. Andy has lived and worked all over the world, including over 6 years in China. He teaches and writes about innovation and is a Professor at IE Business School in Madrid.

CLiff Spiro
Cliff Spiro (Co-Founder)
Director North America
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Cliff brings 40 years as an inventor, research director, business leader and entrepreneur. Having served on multiple corporate boards, he has worked with startups through to some of the world's largest corporations, including CTO/VP roles at GE, Nalco and Cabot. He was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering in 2017. Author of 3 books on R&D management, he delivers highly entertaining workshops.

Jim Hick
Jim Hick (Co-Founder)
Director of Leadership  Development
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Jim brings more than 30 years experience in leading people development at all levels, working with a wide variety of industrial, retail and financial companies across Europe and Asia, including Nomura, Wärtsilä and Morgan Advanced Materials. He has established a number of successful businesses, including the award-winning Allendale Brewery.  A true pioneer of inspiring experiential leadership and people development initiatives.

Paul Maguire
Paul Maguire
Operations Management
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Paul brings over 40 years of operational management experience as a senior executive in multinational corporations and SME’s in the industrial sector, including Komatsu. His approach of ‘good processes make good business’, and his focus on developing people, has helped him deliver operational improvements and cost savings to many businesses across the world.

Bob Roe
Business Management

Bob is a global executive who brings over 30 years' experience leading businesses regionally and internationally within a Japanese multinational environment at Komatsu. A graduate of the London Business School, he has successfully implemented numerous improved operational and supply chain solutions across the world. 

Marc Tan
Marc Tan

Marc brings world class CEO leadership experience to TTIP, having led several large industrial companies in the Greater China and Asian regions, including Siemens, Vacuumschmelze and Morgan Advanced Materials, he is widely recognised as a business development expert, and has delivered significant business growth in the region for many Western multinationals.

Julie Davies
Julie Davies
Creative Director 

Julie brings more than 30 years' experience in retail and the jewellery trade. Having built her own business in the past, she understands well the challenges facing Small to Medium Enterprises. Highly creative and a talented designer, with a natural flair for engaging and energising people and teams.

Tad Nakajima

Tad is TTIP’s representative in Japan and brings over 40 years experience of technology and business development in the Advanced Materials sector. Having worked with many international businesses, including Isolite, Nippon Steel and Morgan Technical Ceramics, he is highly experienced at successfully commercialising Western technologies into Japan.

Andreas Sonntag

Andreas brings over 30 years of experience leading operations and businesses in the advanced ceramics sector. He has held senior executive roles at several multinationals, including TDK, Imerys and PPC. His expertise spans operational excellence, strategic business development, product development and operational design.

Kiran Deshpande
Kiran Deshpande
India & Middle East

Kiran is TTIP's representative in India and brings over 30 years' experience in industry, where he has held a variety of senior roles, including P&L management and new business development for international corporations. His broad sector experience spans Petrochemical, CPI, FMCG and non-ferrous metals.

Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson

Steve is TTIP’s representative in Australia and brings over 30 years of experience of leading industrial manufacturing businesses in Australia, and in technology commercialization and business development throughout the wider Asian region and beyond.

Antonio Carlos Recende
Antonio Carlos Resende
South America

Antonio Carlos has 40 years of experience in the advanced materials and chemicals industries. Based in Brazil, he has led the South American divisions of several multinationals in his career, including Morgan Advanced Materials. Highly accomplished at business development, attracting business partners and establishing new operations across industrial sectors.

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