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Looking for your next growth opportunity? 
''Reverse Engineer the Future'' with TTIP's unique MTR Strategic Roadmapping Process

The world has shifted for every business. Many are struggling to see what is next for them. At TTIP, we have helped companies all over the world to discover exciting new opportunities in their markets and to reprioritize their existing opportunities, with our unique Market-led Technology Roadmap (MTR) process. So powerful, our customers call it ‘Reverse Engineering the Future’.

Still relying on traditional roadmapping techniques to show you the way? Traditional roadmapping techniques are flawed. Too often they simply summarize where current R&D and new business development programs are heading. They are locked in the present instead of truly interpreting the future. TTIP’s MTR turns all of this on its head and offers the closest thing to a crystal ball you will find in strategic planning.


Contact TTIP at and we can help you discover your future.

What is MTR?

​A unique 5 step process that identifies future growth opportunities for your target markets, ensuring your innovation portfolio is truly aligned with future market trends.

MTR is unique to TTIP. We have spent many years developing and refining the process,

and in that time we have led successful MTR sessions for companies all around the world,

both large and small, serving multiple industry sectors, ranging from electric vehicles to

renewable energy, petrochemical to automotive, high speed rail to medical devices,

and many, many more.

Our 5 step process is managed fully online by TTIP's team of highly accomplished inventors

and innovators, all successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, and culminates in a 1 day

online workshop. Our experienced facilitators will deliver clear executable outcomes and a

future growth plan that will redirect your new business development and new product

development activities back onto growing your business.

"TTIP is a business that can uncover your customers' unmet needs and emerging trends that

match up with your capabilities. There's methodologies there and a process", Carlonda Reilly, CTO, Kennametal

Contact us to discuss your next strategy event

If you are a business, strategy or innovation leader or leadership team responsible for the future direction of your business, then contact our CEO at and we can explain in detail how MTR will help you deliver your growth goals.

What Our Participants Say
  • Our online events have received a 98% approval rating, and this is what some of the participants have said;
          o    "A fresh idea and platform that opened my eyes"
          o    "The TTIP team are excellent facilitators, helping everyone feel at ease, involved and keeping the workshop moving along"
          o    "I really enjoyed this, thank you to TTIP!"
          o    "Excellent session. I’m looking forward to future sessions"


Pricing will depend on the number of market segments covered, so for more information about the workshop, and for a quotation, please contact your TTIP contact, or Andy Wynn on +44(0)7387109774 or

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