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‘CRACKING THE INNOVATION CODE’ Book Review by Alan Mumby, Lecturer in Innovation Management

For me there are two good reasons why I think ‘CRACKING THE INNOVATION CODE’ by Dr Andy Wynn, is a good book.

First, it has really enhanced and reinforced my own understanding of the realities of commercial based innovation and the best way to successfully develop new or improved products. Sharing his experiences, Andy Wynn clearly establishes that the management of innovation is as much dependent on both the culture and the commercial environment within a company as it is on the tools and methodologies that he adeptly uses to manage the experience and process. It’s refreshing to report that there has been no attempt to shoehorn the management of innovation into some kind of restrictive, complex and micromanaged process or restrictive methodology! - a major plus.

The second reason for welcoming this book to my bookcase is that when appropriate, I like to recommend or suggest textbooks to my postgraduate Innovation Management students. With this book, Dr Wynn has created an excellent resource for students, that unlike many a ‘recommended reading’ - is one that the student will want to take with them into their working lives – therefore creating a very valuable and professional asset to turn to when the need arises.

Alan Mumby,

Lecturer in Innovation Management (MSc MBA)

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Jan 2021


CRACKING THE INNOVATION CODE’ by Dr Andy Wynn, published Nov 2020 by Routledge, is not just another book about innovation, it’s a playbook for business leaders, a guide to managing your business to unlock the innovation capabilities hidden within your organization to add new revenue streams and deliver profitable, sustainable growth. Full of the practical, real world truths that only come from 30 years of leading business and technology in companies all over the world.

Available now from the Routledge website and through all good book stores.

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